Summary of Saturday, June 6, 2020 – Monthly Meeting – Featured Speaker: Charles Phillips – Tracking Satellites

We are at an inflection point. We can branch out into the rest of the solar system and ensure that humanity continues or we can stay on earth indefinitely ensuring humanity’s eventual end. We have tamed the horse, harnessed the wind. Steam and gasoline have been employed to do more physical labor than would be possible with muscle. We have taken flight in the air in planes carrying 1 person aloft for seconds. Now we fly around the world and think nothing of it. And we have 90% reusable rockets that can take people to orbit.

What is the next big leap in transportation? It is the SpaceX StarShip

When we have starships routinely traveling to orbit, to the moon, to Mars it will enable industry and opportunity that is completely unimaginable now. The Starship is actually being built. In Boca Chica, TX there are shifts of people working 24×7 making it a reality. And once it does, the images below will just hint of the true extent of our development.

Greg Stanley gave an update on recent space news.

Mark Guillette (NASA/JPL Ambassador) will be hosting more of his YouTube Live videos related to NASA. He currently has scheduled the following – 

What’s Up at NASA?
Thursday, June 25th from 2-3pm Central time
Is There Life Beyond Earth?
Tuesday, July 28th from 6:30-7:30pm Central time

They are available at those times on his YouTube channel – and here is a link to his bio page –

Nathan & Christopher Price drove to Florida to see the Launch last Wednesday. It was a 15 hour drive from Houston. And there were many, many people there to see the flight.

The flight ended up getting scrubbed because of weather.

But the next day, the Kennedy Space Center visitor center partially reopened. Immediately outside the center, there are several massive building for Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’ space company.

Christopher and Nathan were able to see the Atlantis Space Shuttle.

While Nathan and Christopher had to return. David Geraldo was able to stay and see the launch on Saturday.

David also saw the Starlink launch this past wednesday.

As well as the boats that were tasked to get the faring halves.

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