2020 Space Communicator Program

2020 Space Communicator Trophy


The 2020 Space Communicator program is designed to get you speaking to your fellow space enthusiasts about space. It is for all speaking abilities, all ages, and all people. The program is structured around 3 short speeches, which we will provide you with as much (or as little) help you want. It is also a chance for the rest of the group to know a little bit about you, and to provide a great conversation starter with the other people in the group.


Give 3 speeches in 2020 (each 5-10 minutes)
1. Personal Space – Why you like space. A personal experience. A space related trip. Anything dealing with you and space.
2. Technical Space – Explain a science concept or an engineering system. (examples: why do astronauts float, how do rockets work, what are the challenges with mining the moon)
3. Community Space – History, Government, Business, Education


We will provide as much support as you need. Need some ideas on a speech, we have people that can help you. Need someone to review your speech, no problem. Need to have practice in front a much smaller audience, then that can be arranged. We will have workshops throughout the year to assist people in the program.


There are many benefits to being part of this program:
1) Share your experience and views about space with fellow space enthusiasts
2) Practice and improve your public speaking skills
3) Experience with creating presentations (optional)
4) Recognition on our website
5) Certificate after completing the first speech
6) Personalized trophy after completing the 3rd speech

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to join NSS or the club to participate?
A: No, the program is open to everyone

Q: Do I have to do the speeches in a particular order?
A: No, you can do the speeches in any order

Q: I have never spoken in front of a group before. What do I do?
A: We can work with you to prepare your speech, practice, and to get you comfortable. This is a friendly audience that wants to see you succeed. We are here to help each other gow.

Q: How does this relate to the NSS Space Ambassadors program?
A: It is completely separate and for a completely different reason. The Space Communicator program is for you to practice speaking in front of fellow space enthusiasts and it is particular to the NSS North Houston Space Society chapter. The NSS Space Ambassadors program is ran by the National Space Society. It is more focus on getting you speaking in front of non-NSS audiences. It would be a great next step after you complete this program. Read more about the NSS Space Ambassadors program at https://space.nss.org/space-ambassadors/