Next Meeting January 5, 2019 – NASA Gateway Presentations and Discussions

Join us at our next meeting of the NSS North Houston Space Society Saturday (January 5, 2019) at 6 PM at my house (9327 Swansea Bay Dr.; Spring, TX 77379).  (Everyone is welcomed, feel free to invite others.)
Topic:  NASA’s planned Gateway – Space Station around the moon
6:00 – Pizza/Open discussions
6:20 – NASA’s Gateway – Overview
6:40 – Choosing a Lunar Orbit for the Gateway – Dr. Greg Stanley
7:00 – Alternative Approach – Moon Direct – Keith Dauzat
7:20 – Discussion and Wrap Up

This meeting will feature several small presentations about topics related to the NASA Gateway, an orbital outpost around the moon.

What is it?  What is the history of the idea?  What are the plans?  What alternatives are there?  Is it something that we should support, oppose, or just accept/observe?

Here are some articles that will help you come up to speed about the Gateway.  (Reading them is not required to enjoy the meeting)


Overview Material/Articles


Opinion and Other Points of View

Summary Infographics:




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