Next Meeting December 1, 2018

Join us our next meeting of the NSS North Houston Space Society  Saturday (December 1, 2018) at 6PM at my house (9327 Swansea Bay Dr.; Spring, TX 77379).  I’ll send out more details as we get closer and  we have several sites to keep you updated:

We will have a guest speaker in December:

Suzi Bianco is a space architect with a strong background in architecture and urban planning. For 8 years she worked in the engineering company Promon Engenharia, developing large scale industrial and infrastructure projects such as ports, factories, subway systems and power plants. Recently she shifted her career towards space exploration by pursuing a Masters degree in Space Architecture at the University of Houston, from which she graduated in May 2018. Suzi joined Space Cooperative in 2017, and helped found Space Decentral, an autonomous, decentralized space agency. She currently leads operations, community and the Space Mission Activation Process, and is currently working on a number of projects such as Coral, Nasa’s 3D-printed habitat challenge, and Galaktika Orbital City

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