SUMMARY of Saturday, August 1, 2020 – Monthly Meeting – Jennifer Lopez (Astrobotic)

All of life that we know, all of civilization, everything has only been on the earth. We know by looking at other stars that our sun (in a billion or 2 billion years) will heat up and expand ending all life on the earth. And if that is as far as we have gone, then that is the end of the line for us.

But it does not have to be, we can expand beyond earth. We can use the resources in the rest of the solar system to develop our space resources further. We can learn how to travel to other stars. These problems seem impossible to solve, but consider how far we have come. Consider how far we could go.

This is the vision of the National Space Society (NSS). We want to see people living in communities beyond the earth. And we want to use the vast resources of space of the dramatic benefit of humanity (all of humanity).

North Houston Space Society is a chapter of the NSS. We seek to educate ourselves and our community about all the events that are happening in space, the potential that space offers to humanity, and ways that we can work to realize that benefit.

We do this by having monthly meetings where we get updates on recent space news, invite speakers from industry, and work to expand the vision and reach of humanity.

We also work to develop our ability to communicate the benefits and challenges of space through programs like the Space Communicators program. This involves giving three short speeches. Each in one of these categories.

Brynlee Wright gave her first speech today. Starting with her personal space speech.

Greg Stanley then gave us an update on recent space news, focusing on the recent Mars missions.

Then we had Jennifer W. Lopez from Astrobotic talk about the work that her company is doing to open up access to the lunar surface.

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