NSS North Houston Space Society – October Meeting – SpaceX BFR

Join us for the October meeting of the NSS North Houston Space Society this Saturday (October 6, 2018) at 6PM at my house (9327 Swansea Bay Dr.; Spring, TX 77379).  We will be having pizza.  Below is the agenda of the meeting. (Feel free to forward and invite others.)
Also, we have several sites to keep you updated:


Focus of the meeting will be SpaceX’s BFR

SpaceX has announced the latest design for their BFR Rocket which will allow for global travel to be completed in 30 minutes instead of 12 hours on a plane. It will have the greatest capability and the lowest operational cost of any rocket ever produced. And in 2023 it is planned to send a group of artists around the moon. (The first time that humans have left low earth orbit this century.)
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Check out: http://dearMoon.earth

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