August 4, 2018 – NSS North Houston Space Society Monthly Meeting

We will be having the August meeting of the NSS North Houston Space Society this Saturday (August 4, 2018) at 6PM at my house (9327 Swansea Bay Dr.; Spring, TX 77379).  We will be having pizza.  Below is the agenda of the meeting and more information about the speakers.  (Feel free to forward and invite others.)
Also, we have several sites to keep you updated:

6:00 – Gathering activity
6:30 – Everything you Wanted to Know about Spaceports and Space Tenants (John Diiorio)
6:50 – Open discussion
7:00 – Proposal for Laboratory Generated Gravitomagnetic Field Measurement (Gary Stephenson)
7:20 – Open discussion
7:30 – Space Exploration Jeopardy
8:00 – End of meeting

About our speakers:
John Diiorio:
Mr. DiIorio graduated from the University of Minnesota, College of Science & Technology in 1974 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, power and propulsion. He graduated from the United States Army Management Engineering College in 1975 with a diploma in Quality and Reliability Engineering. In 1971, his first college project was a team effort titled: Project BCD. This was a computer program of one parameter (i.e., overkill) to simulate a full-scale thermal nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union. Mr. DiIorio went on to serve with several accommodations as a General Engineer specializing in the field of ‘the state of the art’ or the leading edge of technology. His voracity lead him to be chosen as an investigator in seven criminal actions with Defense and NASA contractors, as well as, several other special investigations. His dedication to national security issues lead to become a chief instructor of technical subjects and a liaison to other agencies within DOD. He participates in technology innovation and concept contests; the Conoco-Phillips Energy Prize, and others. He develops new analytical tools for the quality, reliability, and safety fields. With emphasis on STEM, STEAM, STREAM, physics, and astronomy, he derived a formula to replace the conjecture burden Frank Drake equation. Today, he is a technical writer on national security issues and a presenter of science and space technology.

Gary Stephenson:
Gary Stephenson is a Lead Systems Engineer at United Technologies Aerospace Systems (UTAS) providing systems engineering support for EVA Mobility Unit (EMU) on ESOC program, spacesuit upgrades, new spacesuit product development, and other life support systems development (ECLSS) for NASA, NASA prime contractors, and commercial customers. Duties include certification of spaceflight hardware, including airlock equipment such as UIAs, FPUs, and IEUs (umbilicals).

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